Valentines Day…

blah blah dull bitterness blah blah happy for my friends blah blah evil corporate holiday blah blah nauseauting couples blah blah some people are happy single blah blah. I am legally obliged to say these things, because I have a blog, but not a date.

There. That’s that out of the way for another year.

Now I’m going to drink hot chocolate and curl up to watch “10 Things I Hate About You”. I had tentatively planned to make a shitload of cheap Valentines Cards and stand on street corners handing them out to random passers-by, but frankly, I’m much, much to tired to do that. I haven’t slept well in a couple of weeks, not so’s that I’ve felt rested. So I’m going to try and do nothing much that I don’t have to do for the next few days, and hope to be feeling my old self by next week.

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