I’ve been taking creative stock of the year. To say I’m disappointed in myself is putting it mildly.


Ninth Art launched. Code re-write in progress.

Electricana mostly ready. Design needs a bit of tidying, and content needs writing.

Black Ink untouched. Inadequate.

The website side of things is, on balance, acceptable.


ISAIAH BLACK. Nothing happening. Artist may be too busy. Pitch written.

2 BEATS SIDEWAYS. Nothing happening. Artist may be too busy. Pitch written.

STORMBREAK. Nothing happening. No artist. Pitch written.

ANIMA. Currently writing script. No artist. Hoping that this will be available mid-late next year, fear that publisher may turn out to be vapourware.

BLACK PLANET: WELFARE AND DEATH – should be available in the first half of next year.

BLACK PLANET: MINDGAMES – Currently writing scripts. No artists as yet, some prospects. Late next year.

This on the other hand, is just shit. I’d like to claim that I had good reasons why I haven’t been sending these pitches to anyone that will listen, but while I’ve got reasons, none of them are good enough. New Year, this changes.

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