Reading Barbelith Underground, I find a thread entirely devoted to getting people to list ten things that make them great. I applaud this notion. We’re all bastard fantastic, but society has, as someone pointed out in the thread, conditioned us to be hyper-aware of our own faults, but rely on others to point out how fucking fab we are. And of course, most people don’t really spend a lot of time pointing out how fab all their friends are, because they assume their friends are bright enough to know how ace they are. We never pause to think for a moment that everyone else might be as neurotically obsessed with their own shortcomings as we ourselves are. So anything that encourages people to list things that make them feel good about themselves is a Good and Right sort of thing.

I, of course, have no need to list ten things that make me ace. I know I’m fab. I bring joy and light into the universe by my mere existence.

Stop laughing, damn you.

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