Surrender Control. Interesting, if slightly mad idea. It’s reminded me of a conversation with Hugh about a LARP that made use of SMS/e-mail – designate one, maybe two nights of the week as game nights, when people might get SMS’s, phone calls etc. related to the game (and e-mails/web-basde contact at any time, I guess). Actually, it’s one of the few role-playing related ideas to really grab me in the last while – I’d love to run a nasty, paranoid LARP using properly modern tools. Hugh was talking about the possibility of being able to run something genuinely country-wide with this sort of thing, but I’m not sure I’d want to go that far. If I could get twenty players and two more refs in the London area for it, then I’d probably do it. You could do so much to engender paranoia with this – players that hardly ever see one another, meeting in bars in response to text messages from an unknown source. Is someone else watching them? Does anyone know what’s really going on? Just who is that guy who always seems to be leaving the bar as they arrive? How did someone else know that they would be out that night, in order to leave that message on their answerphone?

God, yes.

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