Once again, I prove that I’m an arsehole. There’s an unfeasible tradgedy unfolding in the US, there’s hsyteria and panic going on all around, and my heart bleeds for everyone that this touches, and then Blair spouts shit about how this is a “new evil”. It’s a new scale, and I’m shocked, stunned and appalled, and still, I have it in me to be pissed off that Blair thinks that waiting to find out if your loved ones are alive or dead is a new thing.

So, of course, I shoot my gob off. I do it as tactfully as I can, hoping to convey my sympathies to those hurt by this, empathising with their plight, because I remember what it was like to watch the news about a bomb in Belfast and to wonder if anyone I knew or loved was hurt of killed by it, and pointing out how rotten and disrespectful to the memory of hundreds and thousands of dead people Blair is being. But I cocked it up, and reactions have ranged from “you insensitive asshole” to reactions that on the whole, may have been nicer and politer than I deserved.

And I’m left worrying about my friends in the area, and the families of people I know and love in the area, and god, it’s all a fucked up mess…

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