I was reading the Warren Ellis Forum, when I came across this, about what we can do to help, in the aftermath of the disaster. The thread in question had been closed for posting, just as part of an effort to keep the forum readable, but I just wanted to say how much it impressed me, and in the absence of the ability to do it there, I’ll do it here. The guy in question is running for mayor of New York, oddly enough. Find out more here. But here’s what he said:

“Here’s something else you can do.

Be nice.

Get the door.

Pick up the dropped book.

Say “excuse me.”

Give directions.

Carry the heavy bag.

Give up the cab.

Give up the seat.

Give up the pocket change.


Say “I love you.”

Mean it.







Because THAT’S the best way to fight terrorism.”

There’s a man with his head screwed on straight. I’d vote for him.

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