Reasons I have not acted on the requests I have recieved for things on this blog:

  • Plaster Cast Porn – Already linked to it. Also, frightened.
  • Fluffy Bunnies – Like you need to ask why.
  • Complete history of my love life – Unsettled by stalker-ish question.
  • Guide to Chinese takeaways in London – Just plain silly. May yet do this, actually.
  • Message Forum – I want to develop one, actually. Not for this, but would like to do it. Time consuming.
  • Currently writing projects – I don’t really have anything new to talk about.
  • Currently reading/listening to – Don’t really have an excuse.
  • Why are you a goth? – I’m not, really. No, stop looking at me like that that.
  • The UK general election – Dull. Very dull.
  • Something about comicsNinth Art.
  • More weird links – No excuse. I’ll try and do better.

I’m still taking more requests, you know. And I know there are are people out there who read this who haven’t said anything. You know who you are. At least mail me with your feeble excuses.

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