That was a fun weekend, even if the Saturday I’d planned to spend working was in fact a complete write off, as I went to a party Friday night, intending to stay for a couple of hours, missed my train, and was menaced by a Norwegian bearing something that they claimed was rum, but was obviously paint stripper, and as a result got in at half eight in the morning, and wound up sleeping through to half four, just in time to head off for Birthday drinks with the vilest man on Earth, Sick Tim. Low turnout for that, but a good laugh. Sunday, round at Andrea’s with the usual suspects for a very pleasant afternoon. So, the usual huge thanks to all involved, and apologies to all the readers I’ve just put to sleep with the dull minutiae of my life. In penance, some links.

  • Strange Machine. Writings by Warren Ellis. Enjoy.
  • Marie’s World Tour. Comics professional and acclaimed madwoman Marie Javins is off round the world for the year, without leaving the surface of the earth at any point. Marie is a vastly entertaining travel writer, so you really ought to stop by.

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