Ooh, tests!

Firstly, the Stress Test – 27% stressed, apparently, which is “well below average”. I can get less stressed by eliminating: conciousness. Hurrah!

Secondly, the Goth, Trendy, Alternative? test. I am: 30% Goth, 5% Trendy and 45% alternative (“Angry *and* Arrogant! You have just enough knowledge of the world to really resent it properly”). Quite what the remaining 20% of me is, I’m not sure. Answers on a postcard, please.

(Tests found via various Sluts livejournals. I’m watching you, you bastards. I can see all the nasty little things you get up to when you think no-one’s watching. For god’s sake, stop that. Or at least use disinfectant first, you horrible, horrible people.)

Strange Company

A Day in the Life of Strange Company. This made me alugh out loud. Strange Company was founded by my mates Hugh and Gordon, a couple of years back. At one point, I almost took a job with them, and would still like to work with them on something, one day when we’ve all got the time. Either way, I thought it was a good article – I remember the “before” part of the equation, and it’s nice to see the “after”, as the company grows into something bigger and better. And I really must get around to that trip to Edinburgh to catch up with old friends. Urgently.


New month, new Tart. You know the drill. Although I am rather left wondering: who stole June? I mean, I know it only has thirty days, but it feels like about three since I was linking to it last time. And then being told that I shouldn’t recommend my friend’s work. Bollocks to that. Check out their interview with Antony. And buy Frightening Curves. Use the information there to pre-order it, or you may have trouble finding it.

Other things you ought to be reading in Tart: Dear Kady Mae. Funny and vicious as hell. Read This Or Die – About Age of Bronze: A Thousand Ships, this month. Fuck it, read the whoel thing.


And today’s link comes via Marcia, on the WEF Knowhere is a guide to places around the UK written by people who actually live there. In a very honest manner. I don’t agree with some of the descriptions given of places I know, but can see how people might feel that way about them. Worth a look.