Linkdump – proto edition

I’m going to re-design this entire site, at some point soon. One of the things I want to add is a related links section on each page, so that I can get permalinks to stuff. For example, this page ought to have links to my favourite blogs, really.

Until I get around to that, some quick mentions:

Tom Coates, another Invisibles fan, has managed to take some deeply improbable colours and make a thing of beauty with them, over at Barbelith. His content is pretty top notch, too.

Lyssa Hamilton-Percival is a self proclaimed bitch. There’s usually something of interest linked on her blog somewhere.

Does the fact that I read and enjoy Charlotte’s Breast Chronicles make a chauvinist pig? Also, she has a ace domain name.

I came to Kitschbitch through Tom’s site, and rather enjoy it.

Finally, The Memepool. Always something mad and strange.

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