Links for Thursday November 20th 2014

  • Russell Davies: Inevitable
    If you work in marketing or comms, this is a mandatory read.
  • Alan Moore – This Is Not A Dream – YouTube
    Alan Moore's history of the CIA, "Brought to Light" appears to be available in full on Youtube. No idea if it's legit, and it's not his best audio work by any means, but it's still worth a listen as a history of the CIA.
  • Let’s Encrypt
    Technical level incomprehensible bollocks to most of you, but the short version is that if this works like it says on the tine, then summer next year cannot come soon enough. This represents a massive improvement to one of the more frustrating tasks on my plate at work *and* means that in theory *every* website should be able run encrypted, even just little stuff like personal blogs. Which is actually really important, these days.

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