Links for Thursday May 22nd 2014

  • Signs from the near future
    On the one hand, this is interesting because it's about the practical applications of design. On the other, quite a lot of these feel a bit retro-future to me. Which is kind of weird, and an idea I probably want to explore a bit in some form when time permits.
  • On the Future of MetaFilter — Technology Musings — Medium
    Relatedly to one of today's other links here's a write up of what's going on with Metafilter, which basically comes down to "it's business model is built on Google being helpful in a specific way". Which is a flaw in their model, but it's also an interested outside perspective on things changing inside the Google black box.
  • Jeremy Palmer — Google is Breaking the Internet
    This is insane to me. I know I'm on record as not being a Google cheerleader, but this is weird, even for them – their business is built on accurately rating the trustworthiness of links, and yet they're mis-classifying trustworthy links as untrustworthy? This says to me that something is broken internally in Google, and if they don't get if fixed, it's going to be long-term bad for *everyone*. I'd like to see this do the rounds and get outcry about it, not because I believe Google are being Evil here, but because I think they need to be made very aware of the mistake, for everyone's good, including theirs.
  • Read This If All You Know About Hyenas Came From The Lion King
    OK, I now understand why Del is a fan of these creatures. Absolutely fascinating.

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