Links for Monday April 28th 2014

  • Sheikh Nasr – Elephant painting an elephant.
    I am not 100% sure what I'm looking at here. As in: it is obvious that an elephant has just painted a picture of an elephant at least as well as I could. I'm wary of ascribing particular intentionality to that. That is to say I don't think it's done that because that's what it wants to paint, I think it has been trained to produce that specific painting. Which does not make it less impressive, or the elephant less majestic or intelligent, but I would like to be more sure of how the ethically the elephant was trained. But however it was trained, I think the lesson here is: Elephants are awesome, and we should leave them alone to get on with their own Elephant Business, instead of fucking up their habitats, domesticating them, and generally messing them about.

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