Looking Back/Looking Ahead

I’ve been trying to write a year in review.

I can’t seem to do it without whinging.

So let’s do this quickly, like pulling a sticky-plaster off. 2013: Professionally stressful, personally awful, my pleasure in my hobbies is more or less gone, and I’m in therapy.

On the bright side, (and it is a very, very bright side), my niece arrived and becomes more adorable every time I see her.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has made a really rubbish year that bit more bearable.

2014: All the usual plans: write more, take more photos, exercise more. A few others that I’ll talk about when I’m ready to, which may be this year, or may be a few years away yet. All I’m really hoping for for 2014 is that I’ll be happier at the end of it.

Which is what I wish for all of you, too. I hope your 2013 was excellent, or at least better than mine, but much more importantly: I hope your 2014 is better.

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