Valentin and The Widow

I’m not burying this in a linkpost. It’s too good for that.

A few years ago, for NaNoWriMo, my friend Andrew Wheeler began a pulp serial called Valentin and the Widow. I recall reading the opening chapters of it with great fondness, and I have been waiting with some eagerness ever since for him finish polishing it to the standard he wanted before he let it out into the world.

Well, he’s done it now. The first instalment of his podcast is live now – seventy minutes of pulp fun that will appear to anyone who likes a good story. I’ll shut up now, and let Andrew describe it to you.

It’s a globe-trotting 1920s adventure about plucky English aristocrat Eleanora Rosewood, brawny Russian sailor Sacha Valentin, and their fight against a secret organisation that seeks to oppress the weak and destroy the different.

Courageous women!
Sexy men!
Wicked villains!
Exotic locations!
Diabolical schemes!
Cups of tea!
And great big fights!

I cannot recommend this to you highly enough. Click the picture below to find out more, and about how to listen to it.

Valentin and the Widow by Andrew Wheeler

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