Links for Saturday July 28th 2012

  • BBC News – Arrests in Critical Mass bike ride near Olympic Park
    Last night, while it seems like my entire twitter feed was watching the Olympic opening ceremony, a group of cyclists were kettled and arrested. This is a group of cyclists who meet and perform this particular bike ride regularly, and with no problems. It is of course possible that some of them decided to so something stupid and/or illegal this time, but I can't imagine why they would, when they never have before, In other words: this looks an awful lot like the police deciding that an act that is usually legal and problem-free is suddenly illegal just because the Olympics is on, presumably because they believe they'll be able to get away with it because everyone is so dazzled by the opening ceremony. Please, spread this link around, because this would seem to be to high a price to pay for a bit of pageantry.

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