Links for Monday July 2nd 2012

  • Parliamentary train – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I'd never heard of these before today. Noted and filed, to be used later.
  • Unusual Words Rendered in Bold Graphics | Brain Pickings
    I have learned words, and seen pretty pictures.
  • PHP solves problems. Oh, and you can program with it too!
    I am a PHP coder. It is, in truth, the only programming language I'm any good at. Well, OK, maybe javascript, too. I got into it because I wanted to get things done, and PHP maybe it very, very easy for me to do that. I'm not the sort of person who learns new languages for fun, so PHP is where I've stayed. But the reason I've stayed is because I've never found anything I wanted to get done that I couldn't do in PHP. Which suggests to me that the hate it gets from "proper" programmers is basically, so much bullshit. So I liked this article.
  • "Obamacare" explained very well. via
    Just in case anyone reading this is confused about what the healthcare reforms in the US mean. Basically, if you read this, and are still opposed to them, then I can only assume that you are someone who would like more people to die. In which case, perhaps you could help the rest of us out by setting an example.

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