Links for Friday July 13th 2012

  • London 2012 Olympics fails at Internet | THE FREE SPEECH BLOG
    It turns out that a certain organisation of dogshit peddlers disguised as sporting event is trying to tell people under what circumstances they may links to said organisation's website. I would put a link to their site calling them a bunch of cunts, in direct violation of those policies, but it turns out I've already done that, years ago, when they first announced the logo, and before they had the ludicrous policy of attempting to tell people what they could do with their own, totally unaffiliated websites.

    God, I really do hate the Olympics. I sort of hope everyone who is in any way involved with it gets ebola and dies. Except Doug.

    Excuse me, I have to go take a few deep breaths now.

  • New Statesman – Lansley opens the door to full-scale NHS privatisation
    Oh look: the NHS is now over. And yet for some reason no-one is hounding Andrew Lansley through the streets with whips made from scorpions. Why are we not doing this? I mean, it can't be a crime, can it? To hound scumbags and monsters with whips made from scorpions?

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