Links for Friday May 25th 2012

  • Griot
    The next time I meet a pagan wanging on about bards and druids and their sacred oral traditions, I'm going to slap them in their boringly white middle class face. The phenomena is far from unique, and what they're spouting about "Celtic Tradition" in Britain it's mostly made up bullshit anyway.
  • UI design in the Avengers
    Detail shots of what are clearly some very cleverly thought out bits of UI design for fictional ultra-tech. This sort of thing is fascinating, both from an ideas point of view, and as an illustration of the level of thought and attention to detail that goes into even fleeting details in the background of a movie.
  • London Underground Tube Diary – Going Underground’s Blog
    A chance to take a steam train on the tube! (OK, not actually, you know, underground, but that's OK, because it'll be pretty!) Yes, I will obviously have to go. I would also like to make it clear that I thought steam trains were cool *before* the goth scene discovered the colour brown.

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