Links for Thursday April 12th 2012

  • iTunes: Time to right the syncing ship | Macworld
    "When it comes to hardware, Apple is bold in replacing popular old products with something new that’s different, but better. It’s time for the company to do the same with iTunes." Time, and more than time. I want a lightweight media library manager, a lightweight store and a lightweight sync management tool. iTunes has become slow and painful to use.
  • ANU Quantum Random Number Server
    An actual random number generator! Really random numbers. That's quite exciting. The next time I need a cryptographic salt, I shall be coming here.
  • Space Jam
    Do you remember what the promotional websites for movies used to look like? Here's one from 1995!
  • Why the New Aesthetic isn’t about 8bit retro, the Robot Readable World, computer vision and pirates |
    If you've been wondering why the New Aesthetic looks like 30 year old computer graphics (or if you haven't heard the term, but have wondered why half the fashion industry appears to have fallen down a pixelated 80s hole) then here is one possible answer. Short version: what computers can see and understand (in realtime) now is at about the level of 30 year old graphics. Where it gets interesting is where it talks about what we can extrapolate this to mean for machine vision over the next decade or so.

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