Links for Thursday April 26th 2012

  • Dead Air
    Dusting off an old tumblr, now using it mostly just to reblog things that catch my eye. Almost certainly gong to have more stuff on their than on Black Ink, if you can about that sort of thing. Black Ink is (mostly) for things I want to comment on, or think that other people might find interesting or useful. Dead Air is for stuff I just don't want to forget. You may or may not find it interesting.
  • Your Summer Beach Reading List for 2012
    There's a lot in here on my must-get-round-to list. Assuming I can get them day-and-date digital. And ideally DRM free. :)
  • The Verge at work: sync your text everywhere, never lose an idea again | The Verge
    I need to make a couple of tweak to my note taking workflow, but this article is a good pointer for where I've been going wrong with getting simplenote and dropbox to play together.
  • AeroPress “Ritual” on Vimeo
    I adore my aeropress. Anyone who likes coffee and does not have one at home is missing out.

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