1. Got tagged in a twitter discussion between friends while I was asleep last night – always a weird thing to wake up to, as I sort of feel like the discussion as passed me by, and it’s not appropriate to response. The vague context for the tagging was something about how I believe all corporations are evil. The comment wasn’t meant seriously, but it did start me thinking. Must try and find the time to write up something coherent on the subject at some point.
  2. Saw a book review on-line today, for a YA book called Fair Coin. Thought “that sounds interesting, I should read that” and went to try and buy it there and then. There doesn’t appear to be a digital edition available. There’s a lost sale, right there. And while two years ago, confronted with the same thing, I’d have shrugged and moved on (and OK, that’s actually what I’m doing now, I’m hardly weeping blood about this), today this feels like publisher incompetence. There is no excuse for not having day-and-date ebook editions available any more. Two years ago, sure, the contracts for the books being published then may not have included digital rights, or the publisher may simply not have gotten it’s digital distribution deals in place. But what’s the excuse today?
  3. I really like this “distraction free” mode that’s baked into wordpress now. How long has that been there?
  4. Contemplating a very severe book purge. Anyone out there interested in acquiring complete TPB runs of Preacher, Transmet, Invisibles, etc? I haven’t decided for sure one way or the other, I’m just wondering how easy they’d be to give away? (Other than to the charity shop, of course.) I sort of suspect that most folk I know who’d be interested already own them.

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