Links for Wednesday March 14th 2012

  • Alchemist Dreams – Handmade Liqueurs from Organic Spirit › Home
    I am quite excited about this place, from where you can order the custom made boozes. I have ordered a couple of small bottles of my own devising, and will report back as to taste.
  • Crossed
    Mr Spurrier has a new free-to-air weekly webcomic for your delight and edification, which I urge you to read. I cannot possible top the official blurb for it, so here it is: “Wish You Were Here is a story about a fixed community on one of the bleak little rocks off the coast of Scotland. It’s about monsters who look like people, and people who act like monsters. It’s about how a changed world changes its inhabitants. It’s about class and violence and dignity and love. It’s about twenty-four doomed souls, each with their own story, trying to find a reason to Stay Alive. It’s about resources and strategy and survival. It’s about faith and art and misery. Oh, and in Episode #3 a cow shits out a grenade and explodes.”

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