Links for Thursday March 22nd 2012

  • Watercolour map of London
    Stamen design have used OpenStreetMap data to produce full zoomable maps that look like they've been made with watercolours. Beautiful.
  • The most highlighted passages of all time on Kindle
    Just 4 books account for the top 10. And I promise you that unless you've already looked at this, you will not expect what 2 of them, that between account for fully 7 of the top 10, are. The first one that is something I might myself have quoted comes in at 14.
  • Fairytales are all around us.
    Del spots a fairytale happening on her commute. This morning, I watched 2 JCBs do a mating dance, then wind up hand in hand, the scoop of one left resting inside the scoop of the other. What do you see on yours?
  • I can’t stop reading this analysis of Gawker’s editorial strategy » Nieman Journalism Lab
    Here's an interesting insight into the view-economics of web-based journalism. Short version: linkbait trivia attracts more views than serious writing, but not remotely significantly more, and basically, without the more serious stuff, odds are most publications would lose even the linkbaited audience – people will read the daft stuff from a publication they view as at least slightly credible, but not from somewhere that's obviously *just* trolling for eyeballs. Unrelated: welcome to the 21st century, where the utterly absurd phrase "trolling for eyeballs" makes perfect sense. My grandmother would be so confused.
  • ‘Air Display’ to Let You Use the New iPad as a HiDPI ‘Retina’ Display for Your Mac – Mac Rumors
    I am spending less time with my dual-screen desktop, and more with iPad/laptop. Air Display may actually be a worthwhile purchase now, particularly once it's Retina-enabled.

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