Links for Sunday March 18th 2012 through Monday March 19th 2012

  • 100 Real Tweets from Homophobes Who Would Murder Their Gay Child
    Here is a dose of bleak for you all. Because I hate you, and want you to despair. Or, perhaps just because I think it does those of us who are decent, tolerant and human to be reminded who the enemy is every so often. (I am aware that some of us find it easier to forget than others.)
  • The Daily Mirror have use a photo of an innocent young woman as a serial killer
    Sounds ludicrous, doesn't it? They've thieved a photo from someone's on-line gallery (bad enough in the first place) and used it as a photo to illustrate an article about a real serial killer, as if the person in the picture was the killer. Said person is not even remotely connected with the crimes in question. I'm really just blogging this for the sheer WTF factor….

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