Links for Friday March 16th 2012

  • Sun Drums
    I wish to acquire this for to listen to on the electrical ipod. I must remember to download it when I get home. For free and everything.
  • PayPal Here
    Paypal have launched a competitor to Square. Neither are available in the UK, so I don't care that much, but they're an indicator of the future, and it's good to see competition in this space. Although frankly, I think you'd have to be mad to try and run a serious business with Paypal, given their oft-demonstrated willingness to simply seize their users assets for spurious reasons like "we thought you were making too much money".
  • Rob Reid: The $8 billion iPod | Video on
    It's not going to come as a galloping shock to anyone here to discover that the numbers quoted by the pro-copyright-enforcement lobby in terms of lost revenue and jobs are total crap, btu this TED talk makes it clear just how much total bullshit they are. And is funny. Go watch.

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