Never Let It Be Said

That I can’t admit when I’m wrong.

Someone (and I suspect it was the estimable Ms Bidgood, but if anyone else would like to claim responsibility, I may be wrong – I know several of you disagreed with me) has sent me a photo/postcard. The front shows two men and a donkey. The back reads:

Thank you so much for saving my donkey, my livelihood and my friend. When I felt that Moti was not walking properly, I got worried as he is the only source of income for my family. I rushed to Brooke hospital, where the Brooke staff helped me immediately and treated my donkey. Now I am again able to fulfill the needs of my family through my lovely animal. Thank you for supporting the Brooke Hospital and helping me and donkey.

A post-it note attached simply reads: “A good reason to give to animal charities?”

Yes. Yes, I would absolutely agree that it is, and have just made a donation to Brooke myself. You can find them at if you would like to make one yourself.

(Also, just for the record: I’m completely pro charities like the WWF. Biodiversity has huge benefits to humanity.)

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