Links for Monday February 20th 2012

  • Reading A Book More Than Once Has Mental Health Benefits | The Mary Sue
    According to this, I should be nigh unbelievably mentally health at the moment, having just spent a few weeks re-reading a stack of books.
  • Introducing Playfic –
    One for the "when I've got some spare time" file. If it really is as easy to generate interactive fiction as the example here makes it look, then I might take a serious stab at it one of these days.
  • Why Mass Effect is the Most Important Science Fiction Universe of Our Generation | Pop Bioethics
    So anyone that's spoken to me in the last couple of weeks knows I'm a bit obsessed with Mass Effect. This article does a really good job or articulating a lot of the reasons why. It does contain (generally broad picture) spoilers (with one or two specifics), so if you haven't played them, and think you might yet do so, you should avoid it until you have. But if you have played it, or aren't planning to, and are at all interested in SF, or in issues regarding representation of minorities in media, or in the potential of games as storytelling media, then I recommend reading this.

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