Links for Friday November 11th 2011

  • Node.js on Dreamhost | respectTheCode
    Handy tutorial for getting node.js running on one of my webhosts.
  • A Simple Blog with CouchDB, Bogart, and Node.js – How To Node – NodeJS
    This is a bundle of technologies that I've been meaning to put a little time into learning for a while now. So I should sit down and implement this somewhere, when I get a little time.
  • [this is aaronland] the unbearable finality of pixel space
    If this matures a little, I'll be a happy man. Right now, it's a complete pain to get working out of the box, unless you're starting from a position of installing everything from scratch on an Ubuntu box, but if someone turns out a quick version that'll run on a basic PHP/MYSQL/Apache install on my webhost, I'll be a happy man. (Yes, I could spend a day or two making it run myself, but my photos are already well backed-up, ta, so my incentive to do it is limited. I quite want an easy minimalist portfolio site, but not enough to spend days building it.)
  • A List of Things That Plugins Don’t Work With
    Look seriously, if you're building a website, and thinking "Hey, I know, we'll do this bit with a plugin" – and it doesn't matter which one – Flash, Sliverlight, fuck, even Quicktime – then really stop, and think again. They're broken, and they don't do anything you can't do with modern web-standards based technology.

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