Links for Friday September 9th 2011

  • Check against Delivery
    This is an absolutely brilliant talk about, essentially, how those in power are trying to get to grips with the world we have today, instead of the wordl we have tomorrow, and how this is a mistake. Key quote "a two term Prime Minister today would end his term of office with an iPhone 64 times as powerful as the one he won the election with. (Or the same thing, but 1/64th of the price.) His policies, therefore, need to written with that future in mind, not the present. "
  • 10 Things Henri Cartier-Bresson Can Teach You About Street Photography — Eric Kim Street Photography
    I imagine there are rather more than 10 things he might teach, but this is brilliant reading. Although I can't see that second photo without remembering the mob of idiot flickr users who didn't know what they were talking about disparaging it.

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