The Howling Wasteland Of Russian Spam Ghosts

Or, to use its given name, Livejournal.

So, in the last few weeks, several of my friends have actively served notice that they’re fucking off from LJ – not just spending less time there, but actively saying “bye bye, not updating, not reading here any more”.

Now, it costs me nothing to stay – all of the stuff I post on my actual proper blog is simply auto-reflected there, and as of this post, I’m also punting a notification to twitter, just in the hopes of occasionally generating conversation. Because this is what I miss about Livejournal. The actual conversation with honest to god humans. Now, I know that 90% of what I post is links, because I don’t really devote time to actual write-about-a-topic type posts these days, so I’m not exactly surprised, but still – even if people aren’t commenting on what I write, I used to be moved to comment on what other people wrote, and, generally speaking, I no longer am, because most people aren’t writing very much.

So here is what I’m wondering: how many of my former LJ chums are blogging elsewhere now, and I’m simply not reading? Basically: if you’re reading this, and blogging somewhere that isn’t LJ, this is your excuse to plug said blog in the comments, so’s I can find it and add it to my RSS reader.

And, of less importance, but by no means unimportant: if I stopped cross-posting, would anyone care? If they did, would they start following my blog via RSS, and/or commenting on said blog? Because yes, I do like to get my ego fed, and I like it when people make with the comments.

(NB: anyone who is thinking of saying they’d just use LJ to syndicate an RSS feed from my blog to LJ can, with respect, shit right off. Get a proper RSS reader, that actually directs conversation to a place where people can listen, rather than LJ’s outright content-thieving tools.)

Opinions sought, please. Comment wherever you’d like, I’m sure I’ll find you.

4 thoughts on “The Howling Wasteland Of Russian Spam Ghosts

  1. I still consume most of my reading content on lj, but then I’m a fic and fandom communities person, and that’s still the most efficient place for it. twitter’s more newsfeed and im client.

  2. Hey, Alasdair! Just wanted to let you know that I created a DreamWidth feed for you [] and it’s already updated with the previous week or two of your BI entries.

  3. I still read LJ, but must admit that Facebook and Twitter have eaten up most of my blogging urges.

    I’m Tom, we met at the Nightmare London talk the other day. I’m zenithed on LJ, what’s your username on there? (I could probably track this down but obviously it’s totally borked at the moment)

  4. I left LJ years ago. I have been known to actually update my blog, but it’s a rare event these days. I’m too busy cultivating a large facial topiary.

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