Links for Tuesday July 12th 2011 through Wednesday July 13th 2011

  • Computer reads manual, wins Civ – Edge Magazine
    Yes is pretty much exactly what you might think. Scientists at MIT have built a computer that is capable of teaching itself to play (and win) a moderately complex computer game. I know plenty of people who can't do that.
  • An Eye-Opening Adventure in Socialized Medicine | NeuroTribes
    I don't imagine there's anyone I know reading this who doesn't think that socialised medicine is a basic human right, but just in case I do know anyone who is actually daft enough to believe that the American "system" of health care is better than a British (at least at the moment, before the current pack of jackals have finished chopping it's legs off), then I invite you to read this cheering little narrative. The rest of you should read it just because it'll make you feel good.

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