The Wrong Kind Of Snow

In case anyone’s wondering where the link posts have gone, you can blame the FBI. No, seriously. During a raid on a data centre, some incompetent took a server they had no legal right to take (an action for which they will obviously bear no public scrutiny, because that wouldn’t be fair), and the knock-on effect is that it’s killed my link posting until one of the services that runs it if firing on all cylinders again.

I have been trying to formulate a response to this that isn’t just spitting with inarticulate rage at anyone who lives in the US, and is therefore complicit in the criminal activities of their law enforcement agencies, but of course, that’s the anger of powerlessness talking.

My next step is obviously some kind of terrorist action.

2 thoughts on “The Wrong Kind Of Snow

  1. When I moved my web & email to a VPS recently, I was determined that it be a UK hosting company and datacenter.

    It probably won’t stop this kind of crap, but it will mean I’m in the right jurisdiction to complain and follow it up.

    When I was explaining that to someone on Friday, it felt like a point of principle and a bit silly, because I knew about this seizure, but couldn’t quantify the losses.

    Now that I can better quantify it, I’m not happier. I hope this is sorted out for you soon.

  2. In this case, being hosted in the UK wouldn’t have helped. (I’m not, but in this case it would have made no difference.) It’s not my host that’s affected, it’s the host for the service I use to bookmark links, so my bookmark posting script hasn’t been able to pick up my bookmarks.

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