Links for Thursday March 10th 2011

  • The Back Story | Thanks for Trumpet Winsock
    The reason I am a web developer now is that in 1995, I was able to use Trumpet Winsock to connect to the internet, and then run Mosaic to browse the then-very-nascent web. I have therefore donated a couple of quid to this campaign. If you used it like I did, then I strongly suggest you kick in a couple of quid, too.
  • BBC News – New net rules set to make cookies crumble
    So there's going to be a new law about what websites need to do around setting cookies, and getting the user's permission to do so, that will probably change how a low of UK and European websites have to work. But at the time the law comes into force, the government will not have spelled out what websites need to do to comply with that law. Someone phone Terry Gilliam and tell him that he's won?
  • HOWTO: Native iPhone/iPad apps in JavaScript
    How to make an web app look and feel like an iphone native app. This could be very useful at work.

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