Links For Wednesday 3rd November 2010

  • I uh, don't quite know what to make of this. It sounds like conspiracy theory meets internet fraud scam on a national level. But if it's legit, and anyone from Foundation X is reading this and would like to fund me to the tune of say, 4 or 5 million quid with no strings attached, then I'm certainly willing to enter into discussions about how I would usefully use the money…
  • Tim Berners-Lee explains the context through which he came to computers, and makes the case that while people aren't ever going to come to thme that way again, there are still some vitally important things that we should be teaching our children about computers.
  • If you write, whether it's comics or not, I imagine that by the time you have read this article, you will understand why you need Scrivener in your life. It is hands down the best writing app I have ever encountered, and what's better is that it's surprisingly intuitive to use. Antony's article may have you thinking "god, that sounds like a lot of options, how confusing", but what I love about it is that they're not intrusive, and you can come to them as you need them. Try it just as a word processor, and you'll find that over time, you'll pick up more and more of it's features, just because they're there and easy to understand, until you wonder how you managed to write without it. Just the ability to hold my research notes in a meaningful structure alongside my actual writing, and view both at the same time is invaluable to me, never mind the bits of process tracking it enables me to do…
  • I didn't know that one could do this. It's pointless tech stuff to most of you, but I'll find it very useful.

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