Links For Friday 12th November 2010

  • Joel Johnson treats people who write the comments on gizmodo like they deserve to be treated.
  • Between this, and the whole "the universe is actually only two dimensional" thing from a few weeks back, I'm becoming concerned about the informational underpinnings of reality. Of course, it's statistically more likely that we're all participants in some vast simulated reality than it is that we're actually really here, so y'know, whatever. I'd just like it if we were in a high resolution universe without the memory leaks.
  • Amusing conceit, slightly flawed movie. Has anyone written the Facebook equivalent of an epistolary novel yet, I wonder?
  • The London bloggers directory updates. Nice! I've just been through most of the Tooting Broadway ones, though, and most of them are dead or no longer updated, and I can spot a couple of people in there who I know don't live in Tooting any more. It's just me left hanging around, making the place look untidy…

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