Links For Sunday 19th September 2010

  • Do you use your personal smartphone to get work email on, via Exchange? Here's an article that explains why you might want to stop doing this, and then confirm in person with your IT department that they can no long access your phone. However much I might trust my employers, there's no way I'd hand them the ability to do a remote wipe of my phone. After all, one day, I might want to leave, and they'd be justified in wiping my phone for security reasons. And bang would go my friends contact info, my photos, my SMS conversations, etc etc. (Absent a back up, of course. How often do you plug your personal phone into your home PC, and sync? I'm quite back-up conscious, and I still only do it once a fortnight or so, because 90% of the time, the data I need to have synced is already synced over the air.)

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