Plus Ça Change

Or: where to find me, 2010 edition.

So, after years of blogging at umpty-tum different places, I’ve decided not to bother with all that any more. I’m not going to have a linkblog, a photoblog, a writing blog, and a whatever-else blog any more. I’m just going to have one blog. If not all of it’s of interest to you, well, I’m sorry about that, but it’s all of interest to me.

As of today, I go back to blogging at As far as possible, all my myriad old URLs will redirect there, after I’ve had time to make sure that everything is working correctly in my new set up and that I’ve properly mothballed everything at the old URLs.

Further, in the unlikely event that you’re desperate to read stuff I wrote years ago, almost everything I’ve ever blogged is now in the archive there. I’m missing some posts from some time around 2003/2004 when I was using a CMS called nucleus that detonated itself unbacked-up during an upgrade (you can bet I’ve never done that since), but everything else that wasn’t some kind of private post is now back on my blog. (This includes, for example, my old blogger archive from 2000-2002, absent from the intertubes since some time in 2003). Most of it’s only of interest to me and my obsession with continuity, but still, if you didn’t know me ten years ago, and have a burning urge to find out exactly how stupid I was back then, it’s all there in it’s slightly humiliating glory.

(Those of you reading this via livejournal, do not panic (in the unlikely event that my presence, or lack thereof, on livejournal is something you might panic over) – I’ll still be cross-posting everything automatically. Do please bear with me if there are some teething troubles with this new set up, though.)

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