Links For Wednesday 25th August 2010

  • On the one hand: a nerdy deconstruction of the plot holes in the Toy Story 3 and their implications for the franchise is rather missing the point of the film, in that it's a work about emotion, and you're supposed to forgive narrative flaws if you notice them, because they're in the service of a emotional point. But I'm certain Wallis knew that when he wrote this. His broader point, though, is excellent: that all narrative is now interactive narrative, and that people will take any narrative, and find things in it the creator never intended, and invent new material in the vacant spaces of all stories, and that decrying that is pointless – we should be embracing it.
    (tags: narrative)
  • I am particularly interested in the first two, and wish to remember to return to those ideas later.
    (tags: 5things web)
  • This isn't big news, or anything I'm going to need later, this just made me smile.
    (tags: music)

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