I spent some of Sunday in Battersea Park with Miranda, stopping in at Comica Comicket and the Hypercomics exhibition at the Pump House Gallery. The image above is one of Dave McKean’s sculptures for the show.

I remain painfully dissatisfied with the state of hypercomics (as distinct from webcomics) but that’s a rant for another time and one that everyone has heard me give before, and in any case, until I actually put my money where my mouth is, I should really shut the fuck up on that front. That said, Mr Goodbrey, who was part of the show, continues to be one of the few people out there trying to do anything interesting, and Mr McKean’s take on them within this exhibition was interesting, but I think more about being an art exhibition than about the narrative potential of an hypersurface. But still, pretty and interesting, hence the photo.

It’s the first UK comics event I’ve been to in a few years, and it was really lovely to see people there. And I’m delighted to see that the bodies of work that people I have collaborated with in the past, particularly Messrs Goodbrey and Azzopardi put me to shame.

Oh and Gillen was there, as well, but obviously his output is a load of old toss that anyone could have come up with. The bastard.

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