365 Bullets


So, having said I’m condensing everything down to one blog, it’s time to talk properly about the exception. Anyone paying close attention to my flickr stream will have seen a new set appear there titled "365 Bullets". The long and the short of it is: I haven’t done nearly enough photography in the last 18 months, and what I have done, I haven’t shared enough of. So, in order to break that habit I am doing a photo-a-day project, using my iPhone camera, and the plastic bullets app – the idea being to force myself to take more photos, and to be less perfectionist about them, by only allowing myself a limited amount of control (a choice between 4 random effects, basically) over the post processing. If you want to follow the whole project, you’ll find it on its own tumblr, but in any event I’ll be posting the better shots (because with 365 photos, they can’t all be winners – some days, I’m just not going to see anything that interesting) to flickr and then to my blog, so you’ll get to see the good ones anyway.

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