Links For Wednesday 28th July 2010

  • My boss turned this up on a routine vanity search for our company name (Aardvark Media), and immediately ordered a couple of the posters, from of all this, a Tea room in St Leonards-on-Sea. I am quite tempted to order one of them for myself for home as well. Any manifesto which begins "Kill your TV" and includes "Make Stuff", "Drink Tea", "Bake Cake", "Grow You Community" and "Champion the Underdog" is kind of tailor made for me, and, I would imagine, a number of other people reading this.
    (tags: posters)
  • I bookmarked Gruber's previous efforts on this front, and I will move to using this improved pattern in the future.
  • A comparison of Apple's iMac website with the websites for Dell and HP's primary desktop machines. I'm genuinely not posting this to cheerlead for Apple, I'm actually posting it as a reminder to self in a "what not to do" kind of way, because I suspect a lot og my work falls closer to HP and Dell than Apple.
  • My brain hurts. Of possibly it will hurt in the future, and the quantum-level changes have moved back in time. In any event, I eagerly await being given a quantum supercomputer to play with.