Links For Wednesday 17th February 2010

  • The IFPI have sent a bunch of copyright infringement notices, and Google have killed a bunch of music blogs. Here's the thing: at least some of the blogs that have been taken down are not infringing. Even absent arguments like fair use, they actually had permission to post the MP3s. I particularly like Cory Doctorow's comment on this one: "IFPI will argue that it was just trying to help artists, that everyone makes mistakes, that copyright is complicated. But these are exactly the same arguments that the musicbloggers whose sites were vanished by IFPI's abusive lawyering would have made, if they'd been given a chance." We desperately need to stop the culture that an infringement notice constitutes legal proof that infringement is taking place – we need ISPs and bodies like Google to grow a spine and stop being evil. And if you think this is edge case stuff, I should point out that something like this happened to a friend of mine in the last month. It'll happen to you, too, just wait.
  • Alinea and The French Laundry are both only a step behind El Bulli as places I really want to go and eat, and it's lovely to see Achatz paying tribute to Adria.
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