Links For Tuesday 19th January 2010

  • I urgently need to borrow five or more children, ages 8-11.
  • Just in case anyone reading this has been dropped on their head recently, here's a campaign aiming to raise awareness of the quackery of homeopathy masquerading of "complementary" medicine. Of particular relevance is the "what's the harm?" link, because that'' explain *why* we need to make sure people understand that this crap is a scam to part the gullible from their money, just like Reiki and other similar kinds of bullshit. I all for holistic treatments, and accepting the western medical science does not yet have all the answers, but I also believe it's vital to know where the lines between "we don't know why it works", "we're not sure if it works" and "we *know* it doesn't work" are drawn.