Links For Thursday 3rd December 2009

  • OK, this might actually give non-techy users a reasonable chance of using Ubuntu – they've made it behave more or less like the most popular version of Windows. I shall have to experiment, and see what's what.
  • Here's a nice dissection of how one of the major music players is handling digital stuff. The answer is "shamefully badly", and this article explains why. For what it's worth, this dovetails very directly with my experience of working at a record label – that they could do things well, and there are probably some people there who know how to, but that there is a such a culture against digital in the rest of the business that they are ignored, and the improvements they suggest actively held back by people who like the sloppy, incompetent status quo. (Also worth it for the explanation of advances toward the end, just in case you hadn't heard that little injustice before, either.)
    (tags: music business)