Links For Thursday 10th December 2009

  • This guys work has been doing the blog rounds today. That's because it's ace. When his store re-stocks, I will buy a thing from him.
  • SLight annoying french spelling aside – if their iphone app is half as nice as their web app, and if they expose an api at some point soon, then I think Things may have been supplanted as my favourite to-do list manager. This is bloody lovely.
  • Essentially: whenever any of your friends posts an app, the developer of that app get all the data about *you* that they have access to. Facebook have completely fucked your privacy in the bin. I will be deleting my account at the end of the month, if they don't change it. (The only reason I'm not deleting it *today* is that I don't want to fuck people's social planning in the bin.) For refernce, after a bit of digging about in the privacy settings, despite the fact that I have my privacy locked down, under the new settings, here's what my friends were authorised to share about me, regardless of my profile settings: Personal info (activities, interests, etc.), Status udates,Online presence,Website,Family and relationship,Education and work,My videos,My links,My Notes,My photos,Photos and videos of me,About me,My birthday,My hometown. These setting were buried, and required extra password validaton to alter – they had gone out their way to make it hard. I'm done with them.