All Quiet On The London Front

You will have noticed that I stopped the 30 days thing on Christmas Day. The things you have missed are a detailed recap of my week, month and year followed by my hopes and dreams for the future, followed by closing with another dose of whatever took my fancy. While I’ve tried to be relaxed about some of the topics of this meme, and to plough gamely on wherever I could, my inner editor filed that lot collectively as “2009 in review” and wouldn’t let me write ‘em separately, because it would bore the pants off anyone. Particularly with the meme’s terms of “in detail”.

So, in summary: I’ve had a good year. Started it by throwing what I think everyone agreed was quite a successful new year’s party. Fitted in trips to Toronto, Amsterdam and Belfast. Started dating a particularly marvellous human being toward the end of the summer. Ran a decent LARP through to its conclusion, ran some very successful (and some less successful) tabletop games. Took a decent number of photos I liked. Did a bit of writing here and there than I didn’t hate. Completely failed to learn a new programming language. Had a fairly profound religious experience by accident. Did a few stupid things, but on balance I think fewer than in previous years, which is all one can really ask for. And, of course, I continue to be blessed with marvellous friends and family.

Those of you I haven’t seen enough of through the year, I apologise, and tender my regrets – there isn’t one among you who I wouldn’t like to have seen more of. Those of you who have seen too much of me, the same. The to-do list for the rest of 2009 reads “tidy up, throw party”.

As for 2010, I simply hope it’ll be better than 2009 for all of us.