Links For Thursday 22nd October 2009

  • You shitehawk motherfucker, Johnson. You lying little shitweasel. The obfuscations your spokefuckwits come out with aren't even tying to be convincing any more. Why are you comparing the year 2000, when the buses were quite badly fucked, with this year? Could it be because if we compare last year's figures, when the buses work pretty bloody well, it will become apparent that your argument is arrant toss? Why, yes, I think it is. And the fact that you think we won't notice is a mark of your filthy dimwitted arrogance. (In case anyone's wondering why I seem so exercised by this, it's partly because I am reminded of the fact that this man who I genuinely believe to be evil is running my city, and that always winds me up, and partly that as someone who has commuted by bus for most of the last ten years, I am in a position to know how much better the buses are now than they were, and I dread them going back to the way they were.)