Links For Wednesday 24th June 2009

  • Not intrinsically riveting, but it's one of those product design ideas that you see and think "how has no-one come up with that before", that reminds us that even they every day things we take for granted were designed by someone, and I like that sort of thing. I hope the inventor becomes very rich.
  • It's an idea I have a certain in built resistance to – I'm against anything that might make internet access more expensive (not for selfish reasons, but because I genuinely think that it's the great enabling technology of our time, and everyone should have access to it, and basically that avoiding a digital divide is going to be vital to a fair future), but I can't deny that I also think we need to ensure that our creative/broadcast industries are well supported.
  • Something of a companion to that Thea Gilmore link from the other day – another approach to stepping around labels and the traditional economics of the music industry. Does require a slightly rabid fanbase and a willingness to be very public and interactive, so it's not exactly going to help bands that are just starting out, but still…
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  • It's an exaggeration to say that this single comic is responsible for DC Vertigo, and the entire notion of doing comics for grown ups. But it definitely helped a very great deal. It's a masterclass both in horror storytelling, and in taking an old concept and rebooting it in a completely new light, and is basically bloody superb. If for some reason you haven't read it before you can now do so for free online. Go. Read.