Links For Friday 22nd May 2009

  • I make absolutely not comment on any similarities that may or may not exist between the Tiny Art Director and our clients at work. I will, however note that to date, no client has ever requested a "poo-poo airplane" as part of any work I've done.
  • I know I've linked to similar articles in the past, but I rather like the spin this one is using, and I particularly like the opening paragraph: "Newspapers stopped working a long time ago and a better means of doing their job is readily available. It’s an asinine debate. Who wouldn’t want their news delivered in a form that was searchable, saveable, resendable, which you can talk back to, which is linked to other relevant news, which allows you to read as lightly or as deeply as you wanted to, and which combines text, pictures, and video?"
    (tags: journalism)
  • A challenge: Read Infinite Jest between June and September. I've been trying to do this for years, but every time I have a go at it, I find myself distracted by some other book, and not picking it up again. So instead of treating it like a normal book, and trying to read it to the exclusion of all else until I'm done, I think I'm going to try and do it this way, spread out over a three month period. 7 or 8 pages a day should be no problem, and I can read other books on the bus. At least until I become hooked on Infinite Jest, and feel the need to start carting a tome the size of my head around everywhere…
    (tags: literature)
  • Yes: that twat shouting at someone else on the bus really is spoiling your day. Yes: your rude and/or unpleasant co-worker really is lowering everyone's productivity. Yes: Bad manners really are contagious.